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The hunting area of Bear Lake Guides & Outfitters is located in north eastern British Columbia with a size of approx. 1700 square miles prime hunting grounds. The terrain offers gentle rolling hills, views of the majestic Rocky Mountains, an abundance of lakes and three main water sheds, the Parsnip, the Hominka and Missinka River. The elevation varies from 2,200 to 7,500 feet above sea level.

Bear Lake Outfitters has recently been purchased by Total Outdoor Adventures Ltd. The new owner Vince Cocciolo owns and operates two large hunting concessions in the East Kootenay Region in South Eastern British Columbia, Canada. In addition to the British Columbia operations TOA also owns a Bighorn Sheep Concession in Alberta Canada.

Clients can choose between hunts with either 2 hunters and 1 guide or 1 hunter and 1 guide, the amount of walking or hiking, and which camp to hunt out of. Our fair chase guided hunts are done by 4x4 trucks, on foot, by ATV, Argo and boat. We welcome rifle and bow hunters.

In spring we hunt out of Main Camp with only small groups of hunters. Main Camp is accessible by truck and consists of log cabins with wood stoves, a shower house, a cookhouse and a guides' cabin.

In the fall we hunt out of Main Camp and several out camps, which accommodate two to four hunters and their guides. Our spike camps are log cabins and a mobile trailer camp. Some of our out camps are only accessible by ATV.



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