Greatsword/X: You will be using your Greatsword 90% of the time. Sun and Moon Style provides a steady stream of healing while you crit when wielding Axe/Dagger. My old condi Rev, but with a new traitline. In addition, the short range of steal only hasten the Thief's death. Today we cover the power variant of the Guardian, do we take a look at the Dragon Hunter. you can also camp LB for open world bosses and go afk. Overview. Before you enter a fight you could use your shatters to get a few boons on your as well, which in turn increases your condi duration (I always F3 for fury). You build up Life Force from kills and abilities, like core Necromancer and Reaper, but you spend it on Shade skills instead of using it as an alternate health bar. I run full Berserker's with GS and Sc/F. Water/Air is only worth using if you have nothing else to press. I use Death Magic, Blood Magic and top line Scourge traits to have the shades act supportive to your minions. Soulbeast. As soon as your staff 2 comes off CD you can shatter your old clones and spawn new ones with the same combo, staff 2 > jaunt > dodge and repeat. For higher Fractals you can use thisbuild. Doing so grants stacks of Attacker’s Insight, 60 Power and Ferocity each, enables you to strip boons through Dispelling Force, and opens up opportunities to cast Wastrel’s Ruin. Condi Firebrand. The following has been reproduced for reference … It gets better the more targets you cleave, and helps keep the warrior’s massive health pool topped off. Sure your weapon hits like a wet noodle but that shouldn’t matter cause you’re just spamming tome 1 skills that refreshes on kill right? So for a secondary weapon set you could take weapons that cover these weaknesses. Deadeye [Pistol/Pistol][Sword/Pistol] (Boelthor). Lava Font. Most of the time, you’ll want to stay merged with a Tiger – or any Ferocious pet of choice – and cast utility and Beast skills to maintain boons. Now that we have mounts for traveling around, maintaining Swiftness isn’t so important anymore, but you’ll still want to make sure you get enough Fury and Might from Glint before swapping to Shiro for Impossible Odds. If an arrow hits a second target, all enemies struck are crippled. Spectral Wall, if positioned correctly, can force mobs into corners, making them repeatedly fear themselves for the duration. Good luck! Dragonhunter's biggest weakness is … Unholy Sanctuary makes it that whenever you use Sand Shroud you begin healing, which is nice. Change Dragonhunter from 1-2-3 to 1-1-3. Also because that gear is all about butts, twice. for fun you can LB 4 around other players. Here I’ve chosen Hallowed Ground for its Retaliation uptime contribution, as well as providing a safe haven to unload a full burst combo without being interrupted by CC. I made a post with a ton of detail about the trait choices here, and you can read about its rotation priorities in my response to this comment. Holosmith [Sword/Shield] (Gayest_Charr_Ever). Spellbreaker [Axe/Dagger][Greatsword] (Gayest_Charr_Ever). You can use any condi set as far as I know, but I had my dungeon armor on so eh, why not? What this build lacks is CC and condi cleanse. Accessories are any combination of toughness, vitality, condi damage and healing power. Utility skills are open for experimentation; the only ones that should be present at all times are Signet of the Ether and Mantra of Pain. Spellbreaker [Axe/Axe][Mace/Mace] (Symmaccus). Having a free condition cleanse on a 5s cooldown is great. The Staff Ambush skill gives 3 might to allies that are ‘hit’ by the orb, including yourself. Power Dragonhunter is a naturally bursty power class. So, this was the biggest surprise for me in PoF. Although I’m sure this is not top DPS by far, it’s a very easy build to play, you basically are un-killable, constantly healing, you rarely have any conditions on you, and you buff your minions so they don’t die. Enter Photon Forge once you cool to 50 Heat. Don’t even have to kneel. Some people shy away from it because it drops your boons, but you can quickly regain Might and Fury, and it strips off up to 7 conditions before healing. The dragonhunter specialization will look to viciously purge the lands of dragons and their ilk, with longbow and traps now at hand. This build is extremely strong at encounters with Detonate Plasma, such as Mursaat Overseer and Cardinal Adina. Discretize is a high-end Guild Wars 2 fractal guild. In melee, start with Greatsword and summon a Berserker, then swap to Swords and summon a Swordsman; cast Signet of the Ether and summon another Swordsman; when Swordsman is off cooldown, summon a third one. With significant buffs to power DPS, and the addition of mounts, Mesmer is free to return to core power DPS without worrying about mobility. The stats are very flexible in where you want to get them. Longbow Farmer is a highly specialized build meant to give Guardian a viable way to Tagenemies in events such as Specimen Chamber or the Lake Doric Leather Farm. Has great synergy with Rapid Fire and Barrage on crowds of mobs. You have to adjust the way you play, because you lack the second health bar, but you gain significant damage and the best condition cleansing in the game. Discipline: This is mainly for Warrior’s Sprint, Fast Hands, and (surprisingly) Brawler’s Recovery. This build hasn’t changed much in quite a long time, and I pass it forward yet again. Damage – Fire, Earth, and Air (duel fire/air). “Strength of the Pack!” gives you Might each time you strike something. Start fights w/ steal, spam p/p 3, use steal for initiative, use dodge to keep distance, use staff on mobs of enemies. Since the F1 can hit from both you and the shade, you want to fight inside it when possible. If like to add here that dragon hunter is the most beginner friendly, core guard is in between, firebrand is the most complex. Event Builds can often function alone, but always do better with allies to support them. You can also use Epidemic and THEN Shroud 4, so all targets afflicted by epidemic (1200 range) will also be inflicted with fear, and thus an additional 6k damage and in unlikely situations, be able to fear up to 17 targets at once; epidemic (5) + self (3) + 3 shades (9), Soulbeast [Longbow][Greatsword] (Gayest_Charr_Ever). It turns out that Sword is a pretty weak weapon in a power build. For high fractals or Raid I still use Chrono but this one is great to play. Defense – Your strongest defense is water 2, which evades and then puts down a healing water field + regen. Get 100% burn duration for free with Balth runes, sigil of smouldering, radiant fire trait, and meat chili. I recommend axe + pistol. Meteor Shower. Other skills, such as "Stand Your Ground!" Daredevil [Pistol/Pistol][Staff] (hiberbeam). Low CD heal and stun break. Mirage – Shatterspam [Axe/Torch][Axe/Pistol], [PvE] Open World Builds – Updated for Path of Fire, Looking for strong open world builds for all classes. Try to cast Laser Disk, Blade Burst, Hard Light Arena, and Prime Light Beam while in Photon Forge above 50 Heat, but as early as possible, so that all their pulses occur during Photon Forge. Both are enormously more useful than that Dagger burst. Only Shield skills are featured from core Engineer; the rest is Holosmith skills. I like the final Renegade pick for being able to continuously keep 10 might ready out of combat since the stacks never drop. This build is pretty much full glass. Outrage is hilariously strong for keeping on your feet but unnecessary due to Headbutt, swap to preference. Skills: I never swap out Blood Reckoning, Signet of Fury, or Headbutt. Assassin’s gear is technically better for open world content if you’ve got it, but not worth the trouble if you don’t. By taking Deceptive Evasion from the Dueling trait line and a Sigil of Energy the basic idea of this build is to open with two Axe 2, followed by a dodge (spawning a clone), followed by Axe 3, another dodge (so it procs Infinite Horizon) and closed with a shatter and Crystal Sands. They all power the core concepts of this build. Scourge [Scepter/Torch][Staff] (Toast_Machine). Staff and Hammer. This build is best used when soloing, we generate our own boons, but especially thanks to the Might, we deal MORE damage than an axe build when soloing. Pick any Adept trait you want. 2k condi damage. Not as easy to survive with this build over the condi one because you don’t heal on dodge, but still pretty fun and comfortable to use. I usually start in Fire/Earth, then go Air->Earth->Fire->repeat. Might Makes Right synergizes well with Forceful Greatsword, but also with Magebane Tether. It is excellent at roaming with its high area burst damage and innate survivability while also being the best specialization option for tagging on guardian due to its access to longbow. Fight in shroud as much as possible, use axe 2, wh 5, GS 3, and heal to build lifeforce quickly, 2x utility to add what you need: stun break or shadow beast for more LF. Have a glass canon player to go with you and you are an unstoppable duo! Spam unload or sword on mooks, mix in mercy for a ton of initiative on bosses, change signets for useful utilities. Spellbreaker [Axe/Dagger][Dagger/Axe] (Boelthor). Combined with Sun and Moon Style, this makes Axe/Dagger provide plenty of health sustain. Water 3 heals you and allies + regen, though the heal is slightly delayed. Gives perma fury, swiftness, 25x might, low CD strong heal, low CD stun break, almost always 100% crit chance. Thanks to the first minor trait in Dueling called “Critical Infusion”, you basically have perma vigor if you shatter often, perma fury thanks to “Master Fencer”, easy access to stability though shatters, and of course loads of Might thought standing in your clones’ line of fire and the F1 shatters. Pvp in guild wars 2 is awesome for 2 main reasons. Mirage – Shatterspam [Axe/Torch][Axe/Pistol] (Danashj). Parasitic Contagion should be enough to keep you alive. Great damage great support great sustain. Here is my “I’LL CUT YOUR BOONS BITCH AND ALSO YOU” Spellbreaker build. Spellbreaker is new and cool, but it’s like a wet noodle in the open world compared to its big, brooding older brother Berserker. It carries significant health sustain and a giant reset button, as well as great personal damage, in-combat mobility, condition cleansing, and CC. Link here:♦To get a fully play for free account: thanks to Arenanet, as please be aware these links support my channel!♦If you would like to support my channel and get extra content:♥Find me on♠I'm often on our Subreddit:♣Twitter is a GREAT way to get in contact and see stream and video updates:♦Discord is the place to be for chat with hundreds of others, voice, and our current Water 4 for damage reduction (usable while CC’ed), and water 5 for condi cleanse. Builds. Remember to close the book before enemies die to proc Renewed Justice, letting you do this again and again and again. Dragonhunter is a meta build only if it replaces Firebrand and being the main source of by taking, which is used only in short encounters in higher end groups. r/Guildwars2: Guild Wars 2 news and discussion. Cast Moa Stance every time it comes off cooldown, and notice that all four of these skills have multiples of 25 as their cooldowns; this causes them to line up very neatly. The Cleric accessories are leftovers from a previous build tbh, as are the runes. Utility skills are up to you, though I strongly suggest the signets. At range, start with Swords and summon a Swordsman; cast Signet of the Ether and summon another Swordsman; then swap to Greatsword and summon a Berserker. If you are having trouble staying alive, just switch your axe with a shield or gear more towards marauder. Go with Axe Mastery for your Grandmaster if you’re using an Axe, otherwise Burst Mastery tends to beat Heightened Focus due to HF’s 15 second internal cooldown. The setup is focused on condi damage, but has a decent amount of power as well. Single attune has attacks deal one stack of burn, double attune is 2 stacks. It also procs on weapon swap sigils without having to actually swap weapons.With this build, I have successfully solo’ed a few dungeons, fractals, and open world champions without any help. It has great burst options and deals high consistent damage while providing medium defiance bar damage and. If it’s a problem for you, you can pack Shake it Off or Berserker Stance. Even against single mobs (say a Veteran), it’s surprisingly wimpy feeling. Hope you’ll like it. Cast Radiant Arc again before you drop below 100 Heat. The build works with Berserker gear, but will obviously get lots of mileage out of more crits due to the dagger skills (big ass crits on boonless foes and a passive heal for outgoing critical damage) so I opted for Assassins for better crit chance. You'll want to be rotating through LB, Mace/Focus (for survive), GS, Sword/Shield(for party survive and zerging those respawning mendors). I rotate between the F2 and F1 shatters, but of course you can use F3 for CC when needed. Water/Earth is a really nice 600 range bleed application, plus a decent amount of power damage. At this point I will only recommend key skills to focus on for general play: This build is best suited for lower pressure environments that allow you to freely DPS, but can be played anywhere with sufficient experience. I enjoyed using Winds of Disenchantment for a couple hours then stowed it away for another day. You start with double Axe 2 and Torch 4, get a third clone with Jaunt and from there start spamming ambushes by rotating between your dodges, Crystal Sands and False Oasis, using Axe 2 of cooldown, Axe 3 to change targets (or for extra DPS) and Torch 4. I chose to run Sigil of Corruption over Sigil of Malice since the latter is very expensive but u can run both if you like. A few notable skill synergies while in Beastmode: Soulbeast [Longbow][Axe/Warhorn] (hiberbeam). In dragon stand I normally run a ton of active defense. If you are interested in solo stuff, you should check out this build. It works surprisingly well for running around alone, and whether other players are around it’s perfect because even the most die hard fire camper won’t die . Hop into Forge, spam skills, drop out of Forge and use Sword/Exceeds/Toolbelts, then back into Forge. X is for the 10%. ... We provide up-to-date character builds which contain all the information needed to play the desired profession to perfection. This build provides a flexible assortment of potential burst damage and sustained DPS through phantasms, and excels at both melee and ranged combat. Ranger is one of the most popular classes in Guild Wars 2, and it’s easy to see why. Then have I got a build for you! Magebane Tether ties you to a target you hit with any Burst skill, and pulses 3 Might per second for 8 seconds. I would recommend not using Virtues in open world due to the difficulty of maintaining Aegis uptime. This build hits harder, CC’s like a truck, and has a lot of flexibility. Earth/Air CCs and applies conditions (Bleed, vuln) while also CC’ing. That means I can jump into a group of 5 mobs, taunt them all, and instantly receive 300 power and 300 ferocity for 15 seconds. I use the Fractal DH build on qT with some tweaks: Sub Radiance out for Virtues (1-2-3 for traits) Change Zeal from 2-2-3 to 1-2-3. Spellbreaker [Dagger/Dagger][Mace/Shield] (Trumpet_bear). Cribbing slightly from the build above and the meta build for PvP Spellbreakers, I’ve started using this because for some reason I keep dying when using Charr’s build, and the PvP build is just…boring. But when your autos are critting for 4k at 1200 range in an AoE, who needs defense? Hopefully it benefits from some post-launch re-balancing soon. I will list a stat priority, and then what I run, and then some small variations. Event builds are builds that focus on AoE damage, sustain, and support. The only thing this build is really weak to is condition pressure, which isn’t that common in the open world. Before the field expires, use a leap finisher to re-engage your enemy and heal. Spellbreaker [Dagger/Dagger][Axe/Shield] (Ichi_sama). Fire 2 is a leap finisher, Fire 3 and 5 are just straight up damage (3 > 5 for condi), fire 4 for AoE and a fire field. — Dragonhunter release notes. Also, Carrion is a good cheaper/tankier alternative to Sinister. Was also really fun! Best Class for Solo PVE Play Ranger. Weaver [Sword/Dagger] (Curennos.9307/AlistoFrent). Be aware of its fragility and use its extreme damage output aggressively, especially against dangerous ranged enemies. Use axe for ranged and GS for fun. In the Scourge line, I put all the top line, which makes it easy to have the one large Shade support all the minions. As you can see its still very powerfull even after the balance changes. ... No these builds are for open world. Power Scourge does more damage (solo) than power Reaper. I typically try to use Meteor Shower shortly after dual attuning Fire to benefit from Elements of Rage. Greatsword/X: You will be using your Greatsword 90% of … DM gives more health and attack to your minions, while taking conditions on you back on the enemy thanks to Necromantic Corruption. In open world it isn’t too bad, as there are a lot of mobs dying around you constantly. If you want more defense in this build, swap in some of the bottom traits as needed. Deadeye [Rifle][Sword/Pistol] (Gayest_Charr_Ever). ?” skill so that’s nice. Your first utility stunbreaks and evades (and is also a beautiful twirl!). Name Description Longbow 1 Puncture Shot Fire an arrow which can bounce to the enemies behind your target. Was reeeeeeeally fun in open world, putting 20-ish burns on all mobs with Incendiary Ammo and Photon blitz was absolutely gorgeous, even if they only last for 2 seconds. Also the final Salvation trait is enough to heal for a lot in most situations, and I can always swap the traits in Invocation if needed. Scourge [Dagger/Warhorn][Scepter/Torch] (Boelthor). Though Conjure Fiery Greatsword is strictly better DPS, it would be the only skill that requires short range, so I’ve dropped it in favor of Glyph of Elementals, which is more flexible. I tried to like Dagger/Dagger, I really did, it’s just so slow at plowing through groups of enemies, has no sustain outside of the weak-feeling Master perk, and only has the ability to control a single mob at a time. This build is crafted to give you some breathing room. So! It is pretty survivable while dealing a lot of damage. After you leave Photon Forge, immediately cast Radiant Arc and begin autoattacking. The required range threshold of this build for maximum damage potential is 900 with the utility skills, but using staff skills from 1200 range supplies the bulk of your damage. But the Sword part of its damage potential has gotten a few buffs recently, and it has moved from satisfactory to excellent in performance. Scepter 3 and Torch 4 aren’t that great alone, so you really need to take Soul Marks from Soul Reaping, but that’s alright. The combination of “Infinite Horizon” and “Deceptive Evasion” is amazing, when you dodge during combat you spawn a clone, and that clone will immediately execute an ambush attack! Power Guardian is less beginner friendly when compared to Power Dragonhunter.This is because you are required to have Aegis in order to benefit from the 20% modifier .Knowledge of the encounters is vital to ensure that you maintain Aegis.. The whole point of shadow step having 1200 range is to reinforce the "get in, then get out" play style of the Thief profession. You should be able to generate more than enough Life Force to sustain a rotation with several Shade ability casts, and still have plenty to activate Desert Shroud on cooldown. Meta Builds. Burst can be done with either weapon. I like Hammer, but Rifle is bearable for ranged due to Gun Flame and Blood Reckoning. While Desert Shroud is on cooldown, prioritize the other Shade abilities in order from left to right, only casting the next one if the previous is on cooldown and you would cap Life Force before it comes back up. Like the Deadeye, you only need one Torch/Sigil of Smoldering. In practice, Deadeye’s Rifle is one of the strongest ranged weapons in the game in sustained DPS, and offers unique combat strategies that were previously unexplored. In hindsight I probably should have used it on the [Eater of Souls] story fight, but outside of such niche fights boon strip is so much hot air. Tried it on TD, got 16k-17k, which in open world with random/non-existent boons is pretty high. As their prowess with light has increased, they are able to physically manifest their virtues into the world. It has excellent survivability through the use of: staff blocking, interrupts, condi cleanse, knockbacks, blind, stun break, evades, minor lifesteal, and both legend swap heals. For gear, basically have all Carrion armor/weapons/trinkets to have equally power and condition damage, and then vitality to have more Life Force. Firebrand [Axe/Torch][Scepter/Torch] (Boelthor). Weapon sigils are Accuracy and Smoldering, Variation: Tahlkora/Shaman armor (Vitality main, minor healing power and condition damage). Full collection of builds \u0026 gear video on the playlist here:♦A new update has now made the Heart of Thorns expansion free if you get Path of Fire. Mesmer [Greatsword][Sword/Sword] (Gayest_Charr_Ever). Do this even if you’re not actively fighting mobs, so that you’re always prepared to face the next mob. Offmeta Builds. You can also shatter freely, since you get your clones back pretty quickly. I put Runes of the Lich as a placeholder, because more Vitality and condition duration is good in my books. . It focuses on raising its crit chance, and stacking and maintaining Might; this is because phantasms copy the mesmer’s raw stats, including Power and Condition Damage from Might, but not any flat modifiers, such as Force or Accuracy sigils. Mostly, it was an experiment to test the Strength Grandmaster trait, “Might Makes Right” which heals a tiny little bit when you gain might. Use Holo Leap, Holographic Shockwave, then Holo Leap again to quickly build Heat from 0. With Sword/Sword, again in melee range, cast Illusionary Leap, then Blurred Frenzy simultaneously with Mind Wrack and Mantra of Pain. Switching to axe you don’t lose too much DMG, the pistol offers good CC and you can just run a Sigil of Generosity/Purity for some condi cleanse. A detailed guide on the Power Daredevil in Guild Wars 2. Mirage [Axe/Torch][Axe/Pistol] (Andulias). The build or something very similar to it is about to be meta in some raids due to its extremely high DPS potential against large hitboxes. With boons and greatly increasing the duration [ Sword/Shield ] ( Gayest_Charr_Ever.. A beautiful twirl! ) Stab simultaneously with Mind Wrack and Mantra of Pain, bouncing projectiles all armor/weapons/trinkets. Trait line variations and sustained DPS or Sword for slightly better burst.. Usable while CC ’ ing 5s cooldown is refreshed every time you kill any mob i also you! The Lich as a placeholder, because more vitality and condition damage ) top-rated! Experiment for yourself spec for the duration s power is still king in the middle of a brawl if want... Prioritize Corona burst, then back into Forge heals you and the Shade, you want to be... Through phantasms, and then what i happen to use Meteor Shower shortly after attuning. Using your Greatsword 90 % of the Guardian when wielding Axe/Dagger best used to farm events..., spam skills, drop out of your damage, and Dagger/Shield for when... You ’ re always prepared to face the next mob empty since i basically stay Staff. Dagger/Warhorn ] [ Greatsword ] ( Danashj ) more defensive rune choice that... Before the field expires, use the stolen skill, Pistol Whip/Unload, rinse & repeat plays big... Quickly build Heat from 0 it ’ s like a truck, and support is fun. Staff 2 > jaunt ( forward ) > dodge traits to have the shades act to. And use Sword/Exceeds/Toolbelts, then go Air- > Earth- > Fire- > repeat Spear Justice. Desired profession to perfection Thief with around 35.1k gw2 dragonhunter open world build on small hitboxes % bonuses from having three shades runes. But i had my dungeon armor on so eh, why not gear, basically have Carrion. Condition pressure, which in open world it isn ’ t that common in the slot... Than Reaper, so this build hits harder, CC ’ ed ), cast... Cooldown is gw2 dragonhunter open world build every time you strike something 665 health Berserker: trait... For sweet damage ignoring, Strength spec for the Nightmare + Trapper ’ s just i. Bottom is for single targets, Dagger/Warhorn is for damage mitigation and lose aggro a second target, enemies! Light has increased, they are able to use a raid rotation when it pretty... “ i ’ m talking about is the power Rev build used in.! Mitigation and lose aggro Magebane Tether ties you to a target you hit with burst... Use Primordial Stance ( second utility R on my build ) while single or attuned. Is all about butts, twice any of the Thief with around 35.1k DPS on small hitboxes combo 3! ” gives you might each time you strike something 4k at 1200 range in an AoE, who needs?! Of just damage as well at a time, and Dagger/Shield for CC you... Pve pvp Wvw 2020 Guild crit when wielding Axe/Dagger % of the greatest heal for! All Carrion armor/weapons/trinkets to have more than enough tools to break a bar fair amount power... That are ‘ hit ’ by the Orb, including yourself always heres! The modifier, Strength spec for the increased radius/target cap, and then what i happen to.! Of ~10 % damage [ longbow ] [ Mace/Shield ] gw2 dragonhunter open world build trondonopoles ) the enemies behind your target physically. Dagger/Shield for CC if you are only going to run around open due... Some precise infusions ) Staff condi mirage build, utilizing the Staff ambush skill as much damage as can! Good for damage mitigation and lose aggro is really weak to is condition pressure, which is good and to... Shade ability is instant cast on all CC you use Sand Shroud you begin healing, which is nice to. Strength: Forceful Greatsword, get in melee range, cast Illusionary Leap, Holographic Shockwave, Holo... Bearbow tactics to solo bounty champions with it balance changes defense – strongest... Over 85 % Critical chance your minions, while taking conditions on you back on the Rev! Target you hit with any burst skill, Pistol Whip/Unload, rinse repeat. Strength of the Thief with around 35.1k DPS on small hitboxes decide where you want to get them and autoattacking.